Elite Combative Systems Class Descriptions


In today’s age, Mixed Martial Arts has become just as popular as most other professional sports. At Elite Combative Systems, our MMA program couples nicely with either our Kickboxing program or our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program.  Our coaching staff have worked hard to develop a program that bridges the gap between our striking and grappling curriculums, and focuses more on wall work, sprawl and brawl, and ground and pound. This class ties our striking, footwork and clinching from kickboxing in with the level changes, ties, takedowns, and throws of Western Pennsylvania Wrestling, coupled with the positioning, control, and submissions of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

If interested in competition, we have a fighter manager on staff to help bridge the gap between promoters and the athletic commission so you as the competitor can focus on training and our coaches can run fight camps. There is never any obligation to compete.

Kid’s Kickboxing

At Elite Combative Systems, we are committed to developing discipline in our students through a formal class structure and balance the structure with a fun and safe training environment. Through Kickboxing, our students will develop better balance, posture, reaction time, hand and foot coordination and overall athleticism.

As coaches, we feel our mission is to develop an understanding of Kickboxing and responsibility of these skill sets through leading by example as professionals and by discussing multiple forms of bullying (Examples of this are physical, verbal and social bullying), building self-confidence and self-control.


With Mixed Martial Arts evolving, so many striking disciplines are proving their dominance within the sport. The coaching staff at Elite Combative Systems has trained with strikers from multiple different forms. Over the years, we have found through experience that our preferred style is a Dutch style with a Muay Thai influence from the clinch.


The class is structured starting with a warm up followed by a lesson plan consisting of heavy bags, focus mitts, Thai pads, training partners and active coaching. Coaches work side by side with students, creating a very motivating atmosphere. We are not a McDojo. As an aspiring student, we encourage you to do your homework before choosing any Martial Arts Academy.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

At Elite Combative Systems, our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is developed by our coaching staff who are active belt holding competitors and dedicated lifetime students of the sport. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is and has been the most dominant submission grappling art known to man. As an aspiring student choosing a Martial Arts Academy in which to train, we encourage you to do your homework about the sport and ask tough questions. After all, you want the most for your money, and we want the best for you.

Kid’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Here at Elite Combative Systems, our Kid’s Jiu-Jitsu program runs on the similar class syllabus as our adult program. It focuses on the repetition of movement which ultimately develops a muscle memory and greater understanding of key details. It is simply, tailored toward a younger learner.


Students of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will learn control, both physical with their opponents and self-control while under pressure. Students will also gain better hip awareness, flexibility, strength, limb awareness, and self-confidence.  Multiple forms of bullying are also discussed, forming a sense of responsibility of their learned skill set.   Discussions regarding bullying are integrated into course material regularly.  Students also learn basic striking for self-defense making Elite Combative Systems the most well rounded Martial Arts program for Kids in Indiana County.


Combative sports might not be for everyone and we here at ECS understand that physical contact is not in everyone’s comfort zone. Self-Defense and being able to have an understanding of your body’s reaction to a stress induced situation are still skill-sets that everyone should possess.

The creation of the Box-n-Burn class was for the sole purpose for individuals to meet their fitness goals while learning how to defend themselves in a pressure free and contact free environment. Coaches will not pressure you in to performance nor expect contact to be made at all. This means no punches to the face. You will learn about your body in order to react appropriately in a physical/mental altercation. You also will be corrected on technique and stance in order to fully understand how to defend yourself.  Also, student insight on goal areas are taken into account every day when exercise movements are being chosen. Come in with fitness goals and learn a very cool way to meet those goals while learning to defend yourself. 


Note: Part of self-defense is training in a stimulus environment meaning to create a similar situation as in the real world and this involves a lot of contact that is only learned safely through sparring. While this program teaches those movements necessary in the devolvement of muscle memory it does not create that fear induced reaction which is essential to maintain self-control in a fear induced state and access those trained skill sets.  Making it the perfect introduction to combative sports class for anyone at any age and any skill level.

Tiny Tots

The ECS staff believe firmly in shaping the young minds of our future.  Some things that stem from team sports are positives that children retain disciplines that are created through the comraderie, physical well-being, much needed social skills and respect.

We teach our little ones key movements that will help them be successful in a combative sport environment, social skills needed to interact with the world, ethics, friendship, the difference between bullies and being a bully and numerous other key positive skills needed for those young minds to go in to the world as a well-rounded respectful individual.

They also learn stretching techniques and perform numerous low impact work-out movements keeping your little ones active.  There is nothing like a healthy child that has some of their pent up energy released from having a blast on the ECS mats.